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Originally Posted by Alex@Alpine View Post
I am not going to start an argument over this, many things you have stated are so wrong I do not even want to start stretching this.

Our kits use ballast that IDLE at 25watts, not 35.
I've only seen 35W HIDs in person, so I can only refer to them:
Very well visible during daytime (but shouldn't be any brighter), much much much too bright and blinding at night.

I assume that 25 watt HID are reasonably visible in sunshine and have perfect brightness during daytime. Most probably you agree?!
A light source well visible in sunshine must be perceived really bright in darkness. A reason for car manufacturers to dim their DRL during night time (i.e. in combination with low beam).

I didn't have the intention to offend you at any point or "endanger" your business. People will keep buying your HIDs anyway.

Nevertheless I'd be interested in what you think was so awfully wrong. The light distribution characteristics of BMW angel eyes simply are as I've described them in my last posting. If you don't believe, please do the wall test and see yourself.
In order to prevent blinding oncoming traffic in dark environment, brightness needs to be reduced as every car manufacturer at least here in Europe does for a good reason.

If anything stated is unclear, please ask for clarification, as I'm not a native English speaker and I might have failed in making clear statements.