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Originally Posted by terpsman12 View Post
link to it? and what bumper is that? is it an m3 rep?
wha?? M3 rep - nah.
it's mtech bumper.

Originally Posted by mapleridge View Post
I have never heard of this company and google doesn't reveal anything. Are they new? Can you tell us price and where to buy this lip.....
i haven't heard of the company either -
yes they are new. I don't know pricing, when the modfather offers
a lip to test out, i can't refuse.

Originally Posted by realazy View Post
Extremely interested, need more details!
it's pu
and fits well.

Originally Posted by techy1 View Post
do you know where to get more?
i can imagine u can hit up the LongTran.
modfather got this test piece for me.
Don't know if it's done with it's test phase yet.

Originally Posted by cssnms View Post
I just blew up my FRP version of this lip in CF. I don't understand why everyone doesn't make these things out of poly.
the pu is great - for daily driving, the flex is a big factor.

with the CF there are times with the lower mtech mouth the
lip will separate because of dd or abusive driving. At the track my lip would always shift, even with double sided tape. The CF is rigid and because of minimal flex the lip will slip and will leave a gap in fitment. It's not the end of the world but that's the nature of a rigid thin material lip.


Originally Posted by mapleridge View Post
there is something about this lip. People post threads about them and never respond again.
yeh i hate that.
sorry maple - i've been off the forum, i'm usually more active.

i still need to do repairs to my front bumper from the last track event.
i lost my underbelly, both my fender linears rip'd off, my front bumper almost rip'd off. my previous lip and splitter destroy'd. i've been busy with 2 other project bimmers (e30 and e46 wagon). yes i have

Originally Posted by DC_Oldboy View Post
So... No response about where to get this lip?...
i don't know if it's available yet -
i don't even know where Long Tran got it from.

Originally Posted by Spydeputy View Post
PM the young lad for a response.

and i finally responded to them.
thanks for call'n me young lad, makes me feel better bout my age.

Originally Posted by DC_Oldboy View Post
Lol is it top secret?

OP has PM.
shhh!!! don't tell anyone..
i'll to keep current on the thread.
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