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2012 335i DCT "soft launching" and Procede v5?

I'm thinking about getting a Procede and want to check on something with you guys before I seal the deal.

The DCT has a particular "hidden" feature that I've grown quite fond of:

Instead of using launch control to launch the car full blast, one can actually from a standstill slam the throttle (to the kickdown point) with all systems in normal mode (DCT in normal automatic D mode, sport mode off, DTC/DSC fully active) and the engine will rev to about 3000-4000 rpm before engaging the clutch swiftly but smoothly for a very nice controlled launch with minimal wheel spin. I believe you can in fact have the DCT in either D or S mode and the sport button on or off according to your preference, and this will still work.

I actually like this much better than the rather violent and conspicuous launch control feature, and I think it's a smart and creative use of the kickdown switch in combination with a DCT box!

So I was just wondering, since the Procede modifies the DCT shift logic in various ways, would this feature still work with the Procede?