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Time between Nate purchasing a car that "he doesn't have to work on or modify" and first modification: apparently, 8 days.

But seriously, I just got my switch from ECS Tuning (because they're the only ones that seem to sell the one with the brushed chrome trim, and I'm just that anal retentive that I want it to look stock) and while it's not the part number that's listed on, if there's a difference in color, fitment, etc. I can't see it. Fairly easy mod as far as these things go. Was really nervous taking plastic cutlery to such a pretty car, but managed not to hork anything up.

Edit: apparently the rear fog and front fog are completely independent. As in, I can turn the rears on without the fronts being on. Whatever, I'll only use them in pea soup anyway unlike those Benz drivers :P

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