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Okay after seeing pictures of the insides of the mufflers in the first link below I think I want to try this. The right side muffler has 2 pipes with holes, and the left has 2 but has a mini cat. So do I leave the mini cat or cut that out too?

In the video where they did it to the M3 exhaust they only welded one pipe on each side but they didnt open up the whole thing... Post 22. But from what I found the other pipes on the outside part they didnt cut open were solid to begin no holes at all.

My girlfriend is a pretty good welder and she has one so wtf lets give it a try right? Quick question tho would stock mufflers from a e90 fit my e92? My friend has the PE with his old mufflers laying around that I could possibly that do the mod then fit to my car. Or I could drop the whole exhaust and drive around with nothing lol.