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Originally Posted by mfish123 View Post
I've made the decision to purchase a 2009 335. I plan on adding a Cobb tune and a dual cone intake.

I don't plan on tracking the car and straight line performance at semi legal speeds is the most important to me. In other words I'm more concerned with 0-60 and rolling starts and basically the acceleration capabilities under 100 mph. So I'm leaning towards an AWD automatic so I can get off line consistently without spinning wheels and without burning up or bogging the clutch. Although the other part of me wants the fun and engagement of RWD with a manual transmission.

My last 3 cars have been stick so I'm a very experienced shiftier. I'm coming from an 03 350Z and have owned a modded 1995 Eagle Talon Tsi AWD in the past.

I know this topic has been beaten to death but just want some fresh perspective. And for those of you with a chip / tune and intakes do you find that your just lighting up the rear tires and wasting all that power, wishing you had AWD? I'm not interested in getting an LSD and / or wider rims and tires on a 335i to help with traction. I'm just concerned that all that low end torque I'll be making with a chip will be wasted lighting up one of my rear tires.

I'm so torn between the two platforms that I'm going nuts! Any input is much appreciated. Thanks!
Really comes to down to preference. Some of the fastest N54's at the strip are 6MT RWD. (Although heavily modified).

Do you need AWD for the winter?

FWIW, finished up work on my buddies 2009 LCI 335xi 6MT Sedan with JB4/DCI/BMW Performance Exhuast the other night. Had to run em (closed course of course). My 2008 335i Coupe 6SP MT has intakes JB4 and muffler delete. However being unsure of what firmware was loaded on the 335xi's JB4, kept it in map 5.

I had a 60/40 mix of 93/e85, playing around in map 6 asking for quite a bit of boost. (Only good for a glory run with supporting mods). Ambient temps were 45ish so good for a run or two without getting to hot on the stock FMIC.

From a 40 roll in 2nd, the 335xi did pull exceptionally hard, right there with me, until 3rd. From there on out I put about five car's (very hard to tell, eyes were on the road ahead) on him buy 140.

Afterwards I took the 335xi for a spin, it does hold the corners much better, but nothing a little suspension work that the 335i cant correct

After owning the 335i for the past four years in a manny tranny, I'll never go Auto/DCT. Idc how much faster that DCT can shift, you'll fall in love with the 6MT. But, to each their own.