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Originally Posted by FrankiE90 View Post
this is what att said i qualify for -
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sonabiatches!!! -
i called to cancel my service, and they offered this pricing
to me.

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can't wait to have a conversation about my
"grandfather'd" unlimited data plan. because after 3gb
of data - it slows down the bandwidth.
maybe LTE over at verizon will be better.
Ahh you're one of those type of customers lol
I've been in the cell phone business for like 5 or 6 years now. Trust me every time u threaten to cancel your account 95% of the time you'll get what you want, but on the other hand if you go into a store and get a rep like me I would just laugh in your face and just say cancel lol I love doing what I do. Hahaa you'll get the phone and have them throw in a case