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Originally Posted by Hotcoupe View Post
No point being annoyed with Watchdog,they only passed on the information that BMW passed on to them.

It was clear what happened yesterday IMO,BMW were originally quite happy to ignore the programme until the story gained momentum through the media,and the stance from BMW changed as the programme approached.

There was no security update available when the programme was broadcast,and there is not one available now,this whole fiasco is nothing more than damage limitation from BMW,and Watchdog were caught flatfooted by what I think was a very late change of approach from BMW with the hastily organised freephone number 'con'.

Personally,I'm more than happy with the steps I've taken to secure my car,and to be honest,even if a security update becomes available,I will still question how it works and if it as effective as what I have already done.

If anyone wants to call BMW,there is apparently another number you can try:

01344 480 971

However,if you do ring expect to hear this:

"There is a software update but it's still under testing, should be available in 8 weeks. Your local dealership will contact you for this "free of charge" security update."

Watchdog are normally quite good at following up on these stories, so it may be worth watching next week as the chances are they will have had a flood of new calls on the basis of this response from BMW.

I think after the cracked wheels fiasco, BMW are more 'wary' of the power of Watchdog to kick up a ruck. The big pity here is that they haven't been more proactive and it has had to come to this. Total arrogance on the part of BMW UK. Nothing less.