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Originally Posted by Hotcoupe View Post
If anyone wants to call BMW,there is apparently another number you can try:

01344 480 971

However,if you do ring expect to hear this:

"There is a software update but it's still under testing, should be available in 8 weeks. Your local dealership will contact you for this "free of charge" security update."

Just a retarded network of customer services and dealership.

Spoke to a very 'not helpful' lady, who asked last 7 digits of my VIN (can't find your car by private reg ).

She: 'Sir, have you bought your car from dealer?'

Me: 'Nope, does it really matter'

She: No response for my last question. 'Sir only 2007-2012 cars suffers from this potential risk of theft, and fortunately your car is not affected by this'.

Me: 'How can you say that as I have locked my car and tried to program it and it gave me access to it?'

She: 'That is not possible.'

Me: 'Who decides then which cars are affected?'

She: 'Our technical dept'

Me: 'Can I speak to them then and correct them?'

She: 'Unfortunately, you cannot sir, as they are technical team and not customer services'

Me: 'So what is the point of ringing your helpful customer services if that is not helpful at all?'

She: 'Sir, as I said your car is not affected by this particular theft matter'

Me: I am thinking now what is point of arguing with a bunch of idiots. 'Thanks for your help and bye'.

What a coincidence that only 5 years old cars from 2012 can be stolen and should get update, (yet to be confirmed) if there is any?

Has somebody seen / heard of 2006 cars being stolen?

I wish that key cloner was cheap and I would love to proove BMW wrong by adding additional key on my car.

Well no hopes from these silly people.

Back to my DIY stuff and make it safe yourself.

P.S: Is there a place where I can go and express all the nasty words for BMW.