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Yeah man haha I thought you were talking about where I was talking about (towards the back seats). Guess not lol.. At least you found it. I just coded my car so I could have the sat option show up in the iDrive. All I need now is the module.

Good luck man.

Quick question though.. I've been thinking about adding an xd600/6 to my stock HiFi speaker system. What are your impressions of that? Are you using stock speakers..and if so, did the sound quality improve?

Just wondering before I shell out $500.
It definitely plays louder but you have to carefully adjust the frequency settings. I have settled on 200 hz crossover point and also turn the gain all the way down on the speakers and quarter turn up on the under seats. Also there is a small frequency range that just seems to wreak havoc on those speakers. It is especially noticeable in certain songs--an example would be Jay-Z's Run this Town. It just distorts all to hell.

However, 95% of the music I listen to sounds much better. I can't stand it though so I have just ordered the BSW component set for the front doors. Hopefully I will get them this week and have a review up by next week.

Also when I had the XD600 added I added an Alpine MRP500 and a small JL Audio sub in a ported is only an 8 inch sub but the ported box allows it to really put out some bass. It is nothing like a large sub but it is enough to give songs the punch down low that the under seats just don't do enough on....some songs just need to vibrate the mirrors--Smashing Pumpkins 33 for example.

Hey...where did you get the Sirius retrofit kit? I want to order one from someone who has it in stock.
Yeah I know what you're saying. I just don't wanna get distortion and shit. Ill probably end up getting it and if I don't like it, return it. Do you get any distortion listening to the radio?

I haven't bought my retrofit kit yet but you could buy it from Tischer. They have it for $56 bucks or something like that. Only downside is that with shipping it comes out to about $70. So then you could just go to your dealer, pay $74.99 and have it right there in person. There are other places to buy it.. Just search the p/n on google and results should come up.
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