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Originally Posted by DEVN335 View Post
Ahh you're one of those type of customers lol
I've been in the cell phone business for like 5 or 6 years now. Trust me every time u threaten to cancel your account 95% of the time you'll get what you want, but on the other hand if you go into a store and get a rep like me I would just laugh in your face and just say cancel lol I love doing what I do. Hahaa you'll get the phone and have them throw in a case

- 5 or 6 years in the cell phone business, congratulations. To think about it, That's bout how long i've been with my cell phone provider, maybe longer. One would call that a valued customer. And you must be a valued employee to your company.

I'm also happy that you have power in your job, and find enjoyment
in laughing at customers' problems. Life is so serious, isn't it?
i'm sure you use discretion when certain situations arise.

Store fronts for cell phone companies are very convenient aren't they.
They provide well paying jobs for people in the community at large.
A convenience for their customers to explore new products, pay their
bills, and questions that one may need help on about their cell phone. What a great way to advertise in every city. That makes perfect business sense.

As much as i would like a case for my phone. I prefer that my money
be spent on a company that can handle questions that can be answered
with common sense and with out being rude. I'm not a hard ass to speak
with, but when ur a paying customer for many years and has questions
on a discrepancy. Would be nice if the rep would not laugh in my face
and say go ahead "cancel" then. - because if you push that button, guess what?
I'm gonna smile right back at you and say, "Congratulations, your the man, hi-five!" and walk right out that door (or politely hang up), go have a great lunch, drive home, go to sleep, wake up the next morning, take a dump, brush my teeth, have some breakfast, watch some morning news, check my emails, then write a nice letter to the CEO of xx-cell phone company explaining how I enjoyed service for 5-6 years and decided to cancel the other day because of poor customer service. And I'll go work... but before i go to work - I'll visit some friends then go to work, do some business and continue with my life.

-wouldn't even break a sweat.

what's important in all this, is letting a big corporation
know that a little guy - a paying customer, like myself
can stand up for himself and have a choice
to leave or stay. Am i being manipulative in having a choice?

If i don't like food at a restaurant, i'll pay for that meal -
but doesn't mean I'll come back. Wouldn't be fair not
to pay for the meal, because I didn't like the food. --
I think that applies to strippers as well. not the eating part
but the service...

whatever -
DEVN335 thanks for responding to my post.
good to be back in the socal thread.
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