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iTrader: (4) you may remember, I had opticoat applied professionally about two months ago...this was immediately prior to putting my car in long term outdoor storage, with the BMW Outdoor Car Cover
When I removed the cover, the result was this:Name:  photo (2).JPG
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As you can see there is marring on the trunk lip from motion of the cover in the wind...

1) Would you expect that this is in the opticoat or has it rubbed into the clearcoat

2) is that repairable

I have again put the cover on the car, this time using painters tape on that lip. Incidentally I noticed that there is an even softer felt in the area of the sharkfin antenna due to the increased friction there, but nothing for the trunk lip.

Am I doing the best I can for long term storage ( I travel frequently due to my occupation)?


With the opticoat being a 2 year application, what do you recommend for inbetween jobs? I like to have the car professionally detailed about 2x a year. Once in the spring, and once before the Syracuse snow& salt season.

Would you recommend one of the "normal" synthetic paint sealants on top of the opticoat or just a normal wax?

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