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Originally Posted by ihpj View Post
But the change in connector was always on the cards as technology never stays the same for too long. Car kits etc. will no doubt evolve for compatabilty, but the way the iPhone connects and talks to your car might also be changing? Moving away from wires and consoles and cradles and over Bluetooth anyone?

I just feel that the whole 'OMFG they changed the connector' reaction is a little OTT.

Well Apple is American company and so the attitude.

Attitude is:
We'll do what we like and let the world follow us.

Although your comment make complete sense but in terms of cost effectiveness, it does not help many to buy their 'new' iphones first and spend another hundreds to get compatible device to stream you music and videos.

Now all the car kits, iphone compatible speakers and so on stuff should have 'air play' feature. Having said that all the aftermarket companies will be asking apple 'grant' to design such devices and make money on that.

And mind you, it is not going to be cheap initially.

The other bussiness minded monoply is to promote their 'air play' feature and their TV.

I have used Samsung, Nokia and Apple.
No doubt about it, that iphone has made me lazy and I would not like to go back to S3.

So I will stay with iphone 4s till there are compatible devices to run your music / videos on 'NEW' iphone.