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Originally Posted by Baremeg55 View Post
Well, research indicates (not from Apple) that approx 200 million iPhones will be sold be year end 2013. So sheep or not, Apple must be doing something right to ring up the sales!!!
Yeah they are doing something right. They're releasing a product and pushing the agenda that it's the best off the shelf smartphone for the average user. As long as they can keep people thinking that, through whatever method they choose, then they will still sell them regardless of what the competition is offering. They have the trendiness and "it" factor going for them, which is going to really make it hard for competitors to force Apple to adapt and take revolutionary as opposed to evolutionary steps in packaging.

Originally Posted by BayMoWe335 View Post
Windows phones are great in that regard.

iPhone 5 was a letdown and you're starting to see the commoditization of touch phones .
Yeah WP7.* isn't that great, but it's really easy to get around and very snappy. The UI will work a lot better with WP8, and with the wider variance in tile size, you'll be able to put enough tiles on your homescreen to not need the alphabetical list at all. Pattern recognition with the new tile format will be very very welcome. Plus they took care of a few painfully missing features which were limitations of the CE kernel in WP7 I believe. WP8 will be very good, and they've got some phones coming out that are going to be of high build quality (namely the Lumia 920 at the moment). The tile approach, if done right, can be a unique alternative to the pages of widgets or icons. I think Apple even said something somewhat congratulatory about the Lumia 900 being unique, which was odd. I never thought I'd hear them applauding a competitor's efforts. Anyway, it'll be pretty much impossible to convince enough people that WP8 and M$ are "cool" enough, so I'm pretty sure Apple doesn't see WP as a threat. However, regardless of how they sell, it looks like WP8 and the 920, plus some of the other announced devices, could be really great.

And oh, M$ and Apple most likely will never get marred in this patent shit in the cell phone market. So sick of that stuff.