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Originally Posted by Subzero2003 View Post
When the 4S came out, many of my friends bought one and paid about 150 for the phone and 40 a month for the contract for 24 months. 1100 for an iPhone. I imagine the iPhone 5 will follow the same pricing as always.

When the Galaxy S3 came out, my gf got one for 22pm over 24 months with a free handset - total cost 520.

The Galaxy S3 can be had for less than half of what it costs for an iPhone 5. And it has far more features. I think Apple have rested on their laurels and this iPhone 5, which was repeatedly rumoured to blow the world away, has little more than a bigger screen over the equally disappointing 4S.
I got mine on an 18 month contract for 18 per month. 900 minutes 700 texts unlimited data add on.

I asked the guy in the shop what the 5 would cost and he said "Apple will probably rape you as you usual".

Originally Posted by ihpj View Post
I'm not sure the new connector is entirely Apples fault. As a company Apple is all about pushing the boundaries and moving forwards. Sure it might alienate some and frustrate others, but they do appear to have a clear roadmap for their devices; it just might not make sense to us right now.

But the change in connector was always on the cards as technology never stays the same for too long. Car kits etc. will no doubt evolve for compatabilty, but the way the iPhone connects and talks to your car might also be changing? Moving away from wires and consoles and cradles and over Bluetooth anyone?

I just feel that the whole 'OMFG they changed the connector' reaction is a little OTT.
That's all well and good but not everyone is driving or speccing a brand new car and it can already be quite expensive and complicated to get an iPod working in your car especially if you want track info displayed and control of tracks via the head unit or steering wheel. Most cars still don't even do this as standard so why would Apple be trying to move it on?

As a user of their computers for the last 20 years I can say that Apple do seem to be very faddy with their connectors. I've got a drawer at work full of various different connectors for monitors. Nearly every single Mac that I've bought has had a different monitor connection and nearly all of them have not been compatible with other manufacturers monitors. It's a pain in the arse. They don't even keep them consistent across their current range at any one time. I wouldn't be saying they have a clear roadmap for anything. They try things and if they don't work they drop them without any regard for the expense to the consumer.

As for music over bluetooth. Most phones have been able to do it for ages but the car manufacturers and third party devices aren't their to support it even though there is a demand.

I full understand peoples OMFG reaction. If I had a high end docking station that had cost me a couple of hundred quid and had spent near on 200 getting something like a DICE system fitted in my car i'd be pretty pissed off.