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HELP! battery, alternator, Speakers, etc

my 08 328i sedan is giving me issue's when trying to turn on.

I've never had issue's other than the spark plugs but as of recently the car doesn't want to turn on.

I can walk to the car and open with FOB but I won't have any power in the car (car is dead) or I can drive to a store and as soon as i take the FOB out of slot it loses all power again.

I thought it was the battery, I removed it and took it to Autozone to get it check and they said it was good.
I was driving to work this week and the dash started flickering for about 10-15 secs. After all that the radio stop working. I could see am/fm on my screen but I couldn't select it. I could select cd and see it playing but no sound came out of my speakers. Park it and same thing, I lost all power.

This morning the car turn on with out any problems. I can select am/fm now but still no sound from speakers. Checked the fuses, to see if any had burst. BUT found nothing wrong. (can someone tell me where to look at for the speakers fuses, if any)

Now I don't think its the hot weather but maybe that might be the cause. I notice one of my xenon lights is off.

AGAIN HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can someone point me in the right direction.