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Originally Posted by mowflow View Post
As for music over bluetooth. Most phones have been able to do it for ages but the car manufacturers and third party devices aren't their to support it even though there is a demand.

I full understand peoples OMFG reaction. If I had a high end docking station that had cost me a couple of hundred quid and had spent near on 200 getting something like a DICE system fitted in my car i'd be pretty pissed off.
As you say yourself, citing music over BT not being supported by car manufacturers, then surely the same applies to the new dock connector. If one bought (invested) in a high end audio dock from a third party, I suggest it's not Apple's fault that the third party doesn't support it - surely it's down to the third party to move with the new paradigm. Furthermore, just because Apple produce a new standard, it doesn't mean one has to adopt it now; but given their commitment to this new connector it's likely more and more of their products will support it and it will overtime become the deafacto standard (provided they don't change their minds!).

Change is never nice, but that's what technology and firms like Apple are about. And just to balance this, I would like to point out that I'm not happy about the lack of LTE portability between the US networks and UK. I spend a fair amount of time between the two countries and I really hoped I could use a SIM free iPhone 5 in both countries to its full potential. I'm debating if I should buy the UK version and use or the US - not sure :0/

And no I don't blame Apple for this ;o)