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Originally Posted by hawaiianeze View Post
I did this quite a while ago and am very pleased, but can anyone help me out on how to do the day time running lights?

I also had a blown daytime runing buld, its only a tiny buld kind of an LEB buld. The way to remove this bulb is from the engine bay. You need good lighting. There is a similar Square cap next to the low beam with clamp, relase the clamp and the square thing will pop out, Be careful not to drop it in the compartment else alike many said you will need to open the bumper.

then reach your hand from the engine bay to the top of the light houseing and you can see a wire attached to the bul just pull it out and so there you are with the tiny buls, just replace and fix the Aquare thing back, fixing back is hard and you may need to go through the Wheel arch to put it back.

Not sure if have already done it. I will need to change mine to LED bulbs.
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