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Originally Posted by miatawnt2b View Post
I found this scratch on the decklid of my E93 this morning.

I am pretty frustrated at myself as the dealer has just returned this car after having it 5 weeks, and I failed to walk the car before I left for damage. So pretty much it's unprovable, though fairly obvious since they were working on the decklid.

Anyhow I haven't had good luck with the dealer and frankly I'm sick of dealing with them (not really because if them, just frustrated about the situation)

So here is the question... is there a way that I can work to repair this or at least minimize the blemish myself? The scratch is fairly light, though I don't know if it's all the way through the paint or not.
Unfortunately, there is no magic liquid that you could just put on to make it disappear.

With the right products and the right tools......Maybe (wet sanding follow by multi-stage machine paint corrections that include wet sanding, compounding, and Polishing).

with the money you spent on acquiring all the necessities, you are better off paying a pro to take care of it. Go to a reputable detailer and ask if there is anything he can do. A good detailer is not cheap but it's still be cheaper than a re-spray. could use a paint correction anyway judging from the swirls in the pictures.

BTW, be selective on your choice of the detailer. High volume detail shops are generally not the best for paint corrections. If anyone tells you that he could do a full paint corrections in less than 6 hours......RUN!!!!

Good Luck.
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