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BMW developed the V8 for the M3 because they were pissed off at Porsche always beating them with the 911 flat 6's in competition. There was a big flap about it when BMW introduced the V8 and Porsche protested that BMW got away with bending the rules. The bottom line is, when Porsche engineers improvements into its motors, there is always an improvement in efficiency included: that means a performance improvement in mpg. That is how legends are born with their small cars beating the thirsty behemoth racers of yore: fewer fuel stops too.

So now BMW is facing a problem of where to go next with its V8, originally a bad decision for its M3 since it bears a double whammy of gas guzzler tax and premium gas with an EPA rating of 14 City, 20 Highway!

Rumor has it that the inline 6 might get an electric tri-turbo. At any rate, the mpg's will be better and be sure that the torque with turbos will be substantially better as well as more horsepower. It just won't be normally aspirated.

But BMW already has something special they apparently won't import to North America. Consider how Audi has won the last 6 out of 7 24-hours LeMans races (the other by a Peugeot diesel) with their turbo-diesels. It would be great to have the M535d here in the States. Already BMW has the only all-aluminum inline 6 tri-turbo direct injection diesel passenger car with an engine that weighs about what the M3 V8 does.

Now wouldn't that be legendary.


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