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Audi A5 Driver, bad idea

Not a hobby of mine but a funny incident today...

A5 quatro just had to come up into the merge lane with me on the right and 50-60meters till a parked car... I tought ok you want it you have to earn it.. I know itís a no contest as i have sport s1 map on, but sometimes people just have to learn, plus parked cars are 50meters in front why try to slip? So DS DCTclicked light went green bang i was gone.... now at the speed he was wreaked i think he was rather shocked. I bet he thought his quatro would have done something for him.

So next lights i am on the left he takes the right and gives me a big look..(looked hurt) i just smiled and when it went green I moved off a little but not with much.. he didnít try for round two. Nor tailgated me either.

Thought i would share, I know i am dumb but god at times its a lot of fun. his face of wtf was gold as well.

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