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BIMMERPOST / Classifieds
Asking Price:

Item Interest
Round 1
Pre-ordered 3 iPhone5s today.

Round 2

Apple iPhone 5 16GB White&Silver Factory Unlocked.

Anyone who is still interested please let me know. I might be able to get some more due to AT&T and Apple's stupidity. AT&T compensated me already. And Apple is trying to let me go to the store in the Store Pick-up line, not the first come first serve line. CONFIRMATION AWAITING......

I asked $950 for 16GB, and $1200 for 32GB in my 1st round, and got flamed by Silvercoupe and some forum members who said nobody wants the iPhone 5 because it suck, not worth the upgrade, and not.....i dont even remember what they commented.

So I am asking for Fair market value now! and since I can avoid eBay Final value fee, I am willing to sell for $50 less then the Fair Market value.


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