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Originally Posted by BMJ View Post
Not a hobby of mine but a funny incident today...

A5 quatro just had to come up into the merge lane with me on the right and 50-60meters till a parked car... I tought ok you want it you have to earn it.. I know it’s a no contest as i have sport s1 map on, but sometimes people just have to learn, plus parked cars are 50meters in front why try to slip? So DS DCTclicked light went green bang i was gone.... now at the speed he was wreaked i think he was rather shocked. I bet he thought his quatro would have done something for him.

So next lights i am on the left he takes the right and gives me a big look..(looked hurt) i just smiled and when it went green I moved off a little but not with much.. he didn’t try for round two. Nor tailgated me either.

Thought i would share, I know i am dumb but god at times its a lot of fun. his face of wtf was gold as well.
My wife hates people doing what the quatro guy did, and like you said especially when parked cars are only 50 metres ahead. She really flattens the foot to block them in. Otherwise she is a safe and calm driver
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