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Originally Posted by Vtec Abuser View Post
One thing that does concern me about your method though, especially when you add proceded/more power - do you have DTC traction/stability control on/off etc?
I would of thought that on any road that isn't smoother than a baby's arse cheek, it would cause them too interfere with the fun if turned on - especially when modded (something that the stock LC system fails on massively when modded, as you can't use it with everything off ).
It actually works regardless of the DTC setting. The result is different but the feature is there.

From reading your post, the 335 seems to differ from the 135 in a few ways.

For one, my LC "works" regardless of whether I have DTC in play mode or completely off. I say works in quotation marks because with the DTC off the LC is basically little more than a very efficient way to burn rubber.