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Originally Posted by gatoraviator View Post
oh, it's already sitting in the garage...picked it up last friday in pittsburgh. anyhoo, i'm having a tough time deciding where to tint it and what percent. i've gotten all my cars done at TNT with 20% tint with no cop issues. i called east coast yesterday and they quoted me $160 with 35% all around. jason, who is a local forum member, did his at TNT not too long ago and they ended up shattering his driver window. sooooooooooo, i'm not sure what to do. i've never had issues with TNT except with the bmw where i had to take it back due to a small hair stuck in the tint on one of the windows.
ok sooo what did you get?

just take it to East Coast dude....i'm sure you won't have any problems.