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Man I can't wait... We'll have to go play... Hopefully I can get you from the dig so you can play catchup... Last time I was in the Bay, I didn't get a chance to see his car so I'm looking forward to visiting.

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We already know that on a half-mile roll-on the most significant factor is HP to weight ratio. Torque doesn't matter as much because the cars are already rolling. The torque curve between 0-5,000 RPM is irrelevant because you are going to start in 2nd gear at around 45mph.

Yes I do think Prem will beat me but it will be because he will be making more peak HP than me. We both learned from the previous events to sandbag a bit on the crank HP rating. We will both be making closer to 600 wheel HP but I have a feeling he will be making a lot more and his car is lighter. Prem knows, in the past I've beaten him in our 335's when he was making quite a bit more I have to admit that a little strategy doesn't hurt