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Originally Posted by Juiced46 View Post
N54s are not forged either. I know people say some of the very early ones were, they never were and they are very very wrong. And I know someone will point me to the link where the N54 guy disassembled his motor and says it has forged pistons and rods, they are NOT forged, and can clearly be seen in the pics.

You paid the same price for a better engine all around then the N54. Stock vs stock. BMW engineering unfortunately wasn't looking for max performance when aftermarket tuning was involved. They were focused on emissions, durability, longevity and all that fun government crap. The N55 IS a better motor then the N54 stock vs stock. Thats what you paid for.
that's a bunch of crap, coming from a n55 owner. let's consider some facts:

-1//m uses n54
-335iS uses n54

the n55 is under-performing with the same mods/tuning as the n54. so, with downpipe, intercooler, and 15+ psi, you'll be nowhere near a n54 with the same hardware/tuning. the n55 is a crap motor that's about to be rendered obsolete when the 2013-14 340i and 440i come out.