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Talking Video: Apple Store Burglars Give New Meaning to Taking a BMW X5 Off-Road

Video: Apple Store Burglars Give New Meaning to Taking a BMW X5 Off-Road

Many BMW fans are also big fans of Apple products, but this is combining the two interests and taking it oh perhaps just a little bit too far.

On September 6th at approximately 5am, a Los Angeles man and his cohorts were caught on camera off-roading their 2003 X5 SUV straight into (and past the glass and metal security gate of) an Apple store in Temecula where they attempted to burglarize the store.

Unfortunately for them, the metal security gate dropped down after the car's entry and they had quite some fun testing the X5's power trying to get back out.

The accused man is being held on $600,000 bail, which is the estimated damage to the Apple Store, authorities said. He is charged with vandalism, burglary and theft of electronics in connection with the break-in

Oh but there's more! He's also being charged with burglary and theft of merchandise later in the day from a 7-Eleven. The X5 left the store with two flat tires so the crew did what any burglarizing gang would do - visit the closest 7-11 to steal some Fix-A-Flat.

The accused driver, Equonne R. Howard, was detained near the scene of the crime a few hours later. Police think he returned looking for his license plate that fell off from ramming the security gate. Pure genius!

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