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Originally Posted by Hotcoupe View Post
TBH Greg I think BMW are being somewhat economical with the truth here.

From what I understand there is a cut off point that BMW have arrived at,and decided that pre 07 cars are unlikely to be targetted (probably due to age), and rather than do ALL cars that are at risk,they are being selective at the cars that are going to be offered the update when/if it becomes available.

If you've not already moved your port,I'd suggest you do so,it is very easy.

If it gives you any comfort,I'm suspicious of the effectiveness of any upgrade,and I'll be moving my port back to it's hidden location post the upgrade.
I had my suspicions that this might be the case!

Just read up on the port relocation and looks simple so I'll give that a go this weekend. Give a bit of peace of mind when leaving it away from home....