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Originally Posted by Goofyguy View Post
AR15 everyone has those, but there is no fear like a 12 gauge into somones face just after you ratchet one into the chamber. 556 round you can still miss, a 12 gauge with 00Buck, they dead. Ill do the camping if you want, I work 12 hours a day, the stress reliefe will do it for me. And my passenger seat is only home to my 1911 .45. If you want get me some Tijuana Flats and ill hunker down.
1911 is a serious weapon. It will def do some damage! Whenever you have some time they just opend a gun range right across the street from me on Hillsborough (Florida Firearms Academy). My buddy is bringing his AR, Mossy 930SPX, and a couple sigs over tomorrow to go shooting. If you're free around 2/3pm we are planning on laying down some lead!

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