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Originally Posted by Baremeg55 View Post
But the negative, anti-Apple comments started on page one. The haters are always quicker to jump with a negative comment, and then are amazed someone might voice a different opinion. Simply put, you are for or against the iPhone/Apple. Neither said will convince the other that their device, operating system or gadget is better than the other!!!
Android fanbois stating that the pure hardware specs of the 5 are underwhelming is not haterade. They're true. However, once you go ahead and apply the OS to the device, the hardware specs carry less weight. This is normal banter on these subjects. I was referring more to the insults and inferred insults between each other.

Also, I'd like to clarify that conversation about Apple and conversation about the iPhone are two VERY different things. The iPhone is a device and should be evaluated as a device compared to the other devices available. Apple is a company. You don't have to like or appreciate one to like or appreciate the other. Apple sucks donkey balls IMO, stifles innovation with their patent BS, and pulls shit like the proprietary cable thing because they know they can squeeze that money out of all their loyal sheep. However, none of this should affect how you view the iPhone as a device. And you don't either have to love it or hate it; it can be looked at very objectively. Unfortunately, most people in the smartphone world do adopt the fanboi attitudes, so it can be pretty difficult to have a conversation with people on this subject on a purely objective (and reasonable subjective points) level.