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Originally Posted by Greenkirby21 View Post
not trying to be a troll

everyone keeps saying the GS3 is much better then iPhone 5.

Can someone explain to me how? I really want to know. To me they seem equal and the preference comes in the OS.
I had every iPhone from day 1 and just got an S3 two weeks ago. Never used an Android phone before, so hopefully my advice isn't biased. I still have my macbook, ipad, and other apple products but I feel the S3 is a better phone.

Here's what the iPhone 5 doesn't have:

Display Size - 4 vs 4.8 is a huge difference
NFC - I use smart tags multiple times a day
Motion Controls - put phone up to your head while texting to call that contact, flip phone over to mute calls, smart stay, etc
LED indicator - for notifications witout unlocking the phone
Expandable Memory - Micro SD up to 64 gigs, don't have to pay Apple crazy money for more memory
USB - much easier to "sync". No iTunes BS, just drag and drop like a flash drive
Larger removable battery
Haptic feedback
iOS vs ICS - too much to talk about here

And that's really just touching the surface. I don't have time to get too far into it.

I have been using iPhones for the last 5 years. ios is great for what it is, and so is the iPhone, it just feels stale. Maybe if Apple gives ios6 a facelift I'll come back after a year or two with my GS3. Right now though, I feel the GS3 with ICS is far better.

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