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Originally Posted by Evooooo View Post
So I guess the N55 is a platform which you dont care for based on your prescence or shall i say lack their of in the support for the N55 world. You havent released or done a single thing with our platform in god knows how long...
You state this as if it's some type of insult? The N54 platform has a huge user base, so it just makes business sense to cater to where you can maximize your return. He's also been working on the single turbo kit and other stuff for a while for this platform.

I wouldn't say he's not looking at N55 stuff. I'm sure he's not prepared to openly discuss things they may be looking at but are not close to production yet(there's tons of good reasons why you wouldn't talk about that stuff), but let's be honest, N55 vs N54 aftermarket? The user base for N54's is just huge and more likely to be in cars that are being significantly modified. The N55 came out 3 years later. It's also not been quite as responsive to minor mods for huge power. That's another thing that makes N54 development more attractive to aftermarket tuners.

Plenty of companies are still looking at the N55, but it just doesn't make business sense to prioritize it over the N54 unless they find a new part/methodology that offers a similar price to performance ratio.