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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
Bold items are the only things i wish were different about the iPhone. Especially the LED notification!

Motion control thing sounds cool, but until i used it i would be apprehensive, seems like it may end up doing things i wouldn't want it to by mistake. Hows it work for you?
It's one of those things that boggles my mind Apple doesn't include. They have the tech inside the phone to do it, mainly the proximity sensor. And they could give it some iName and make it like they are the pioneer, just like most other things.

Its awesome to look at a text, then just put the phone to my head and have it call that person. If a call comes in that I don't want to take, I just flip the phone over on the table and it hangs up. If I get a missed call, text, or email, and have the phone in my pocket or on my desk, when I pick it up the phone vibrates to alert me. Its all very useful, and hasn't called or hung up on anyone by mistake yet.