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Point well taken... Hopefully we'll get the chance to go head to head... Then I can cry in my beer later that night about how I need a single turbo upgrade... LOL

Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Although we can go from a dig, it's really hard to coordinate. I tried it a couple times at Big Willow and did the 3-honk and totally botched the start both times. Once against xtyper and the other against Jeef. My normal 0-60 times on my VBox were in the mid to high-3's with the 335 and did 4.1 against xtyper and 4.8 against Jeef.

On that note, my M3 seems to be a ringer. My first 0-60 pass on my VBox was yesterday in the heat with debris on the road and tires that aren't even broken in and my launch control isn't even enabled until 1,200 miles (currently have about 650) and I short shifted at 8,000 RPM in first...and I hit 4.2 seconds. With practice and better conditions I should be in the 3.7 - 3.9 sec range stock. Even with the blower launching is simple because there is very little torque increase until about 4,500 RPM. Should be good for mid to low 3 sec 0-60 launches.

A better start for us would be in 2nd gear at like 30 mph. I would be down 200 WTQ at that point...and so you would instantly pull 2-3 cars and then it would be a game of catch up...and how long does it take a 600 WHP car to catch a 450 WHP car with the lead?