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Originally Posted by Beemw335 View Post
Thanks for confirming what I said..they skimped out on expensive parts that were used on the n54.
Because theres no point in putting parts that can support 400whp when the car is sold as a 300crank hp car.
And Im sure your getting the s65 because you werent happy with the power you got after tuning your car?
Either way, enjoy it.
my bad for calling you a retard I am very happy with the power from my N55. Of course I could use more top end but its alright. I am getting the S65 for a couple of reasons. I have already blown so much money on this car and the only things left to do is m3 parts and a diff. So i decided to buy a car that has top end, a limited slip, and all the m3 parts. I am not really about power. Of course its enjoyable but I am still young and don't want to kill myself with 500+hp. I enjoy going on canyon runs and to track meets so I was looking for something with a lot of control and handling. Power is nothing without control. I decided with the M I am going to do coil overs and tires first and get used to the handling and eventually throw on a ESS kit

The N55 was a hell of an engine though. People make it seem so slow but after you burn m3s, s4s, evos, and other higher performance cars you realize that this thing is indeed an animal
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