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Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
Because you can't. This is not a personal war. Seriously. You're mentioning trivial things that APPLE is capable of equipping the iPhone with if they found good reason to but, obviously, the company chose against it for specific reasons. The talent is there. The technology is their. The materials are there, and to nitpick as if the most powerful brand on the planet is somehow behind the curve ball is laughable.
I'll leave you with this.

I'm an Apple shareholder. Have been for over 10 years. The company is responsible for tens of thousands in profit in my portfolio. I have nothing against them and am writing this on my Macbook right now. I owned every iPhone available till the 5.

With that said, the iPhone 5 is not the best phone on the market right now IMO. That's my opinion, nothing more.

Why you feel the need to defend Apple and the iPhone to the death is beyond me. Try to embrace competition and new technology from other companies. Maybe you'll realize Apple isn't the only company in the game if you take your blinders off. I have no regrets in my recent purchase, I just figured I would let others know that I am happy I made the switch. My iPhone 4S is in my desk drawer, and I suspect it will stay there for a long time.