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Sorry to necro thread (not really), I banged up my 320D-result: write 0ff.

I decided to add a bit to the insurance pay out, and get a 2007/8 325i. (Dealer say '07, Vic Roads say '08)
Pro nav, M sport, keyless entry, nice car!
Of course as part of the deal, I made sure they through in the Alpine upgrade. (Maybe I should have tried for the Harmon Kardon?, oh well).
Vehicle was supposed to be ready for pick-up yesterday, but as I was on my way, the dealer rang and said they had trouble coding the car, and it wasn't going to be ready.
Now here in Melbourne, we have terrific dealers (except Moorabbin, but don't worry about that), so I got a X1 courtesy vehicle, and a free BMW windcheater (worth, well, let's say PRICED at $135).
But, I was reading the manual, and it talks about the Logic 7 equaliser settings.
Is that a separate upgrade?
Should I have asked for that instead?

Thanks in advance