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Originally Posted by cssnms View Post
Good stuff Franki.

I thought LTBMW stopped selling these lips a while ago. They had a for sale thread in the vendor section, but it dried up. If you go to their open house hit up Long for some info and report back - I can't get them to respond to PM's, e-mail or answer their phones. I got my new replacement FRP CF lip today, but something tells me I may need to replace it again, but if I do it iwll be with a poly version (if available). Thanks
kk i will.

Originally Posted by ibo View Post
Thanks for letting us know. I have the FRP Exotics Tuning one and its been cracking all over the place from the weather here in MA. Will get one of these when it's officially released for us.
- i guess bruce li got one, i'll ask Long tomorrow at the
meet see if it's released.

Originally Posted by Bruce li View Post
I just picked one up today from LTBMW. Unfortunately for me I had a horrible time trying to install this, lol. Maybe I'll try again or just have LTBMW do it. price was $400

- oh what, Long had another one?
i guess he's got a hold of more.

- tell me you've install lips before, if not - have LTBMW install for you.

it should be all 8mm screws on the bottom of the front bumper /
double sided tape on the inside top of the lip, all the way across
the top (1 piece). peel just a bit off the edges, to get it started.
wipe down lower mtech bumper - get it clean so the 3m tape
sticks well. Warm weather is perfect for the 3m to adhere.

screw on the furthest 8mm on the driver side and the passenger side bottom.
adjust lip to the mtech mouth, remove double side tape completely, once fitment is clean, screw in rest of the 8mm from the bottom. let the 3m
double sided tape sit in the sun.

i should do a diy.
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