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I have 10-pin connectors. It is just like yours (in the pics you have posted). What is confusing me is the front of my fuse box looks like the after 03/07 but the back of it looks like the before 03/07.

So I m debating do I use the Blue plug (left side-PIN7 - X11001) or the Black plug (right side-PIN8 - X11003). According to the instructions the Blue Plug is for after 03/07 and the Black Plug is for before 03/07 keep in mind both of them are 10-Pin connectors.

I can follow what you did and connect to PIN8 of the Black Plug (left one, before 03/07)

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See this post.

Compare the fuse box to the pictures in the instructions. They're physically different. One has 15-pin connectors and the other 10-pin.

I ended up doing what you described below......

I cut about 3 or 4 strands of the black fabric/tape/wrap around the thickest part of the wiring harness that I circled in red - basically where the harness is still on the floor before it goes up along the firewall. This freed up several inches of the wires which was enough for me to untwist them enough to fit a miniature connector in there without having to cut any wires.
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