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Originally Posted by Bruce li View Post
I just picked one up today from LTBMW. Unfortunately for me I had a horrible time trying to install this, lol. Maybe I'll try again or just have LTBMW do it. price was $400
Good news, to bad I just bought a replacement FRP version in CF. It will probably break soon enough.

I installed my 2nd replacement lip last night in 40 min so I'm becomeing a pro now after installing two within the last 30 days. It helps if you have a jack stand and drill driver so you can more easily access the underside.

Here is how I installed mine.

Apply the 3M double sided tape along the top edge - leave one side of the tape cover on. Pull the cover back at the leading edge just enough so that you can pull it over the top of the lip so that you can grab it later after the lip is mounted up to the bumper.

Jack one side of your car up enough so you can get your drill under there.

Get yourself some masking tape. Hold the lip to the bumper and get it aligned. Use the masking tape to hold the lip up.

Using one of the self tapping screws screw it in ithe center of the lip towards the backside of the lip. I used 5 of these all along the back-side edge. Work your way from center to the edge insalling one in between the center screw and outter edge, then one right at the outter edge.

(I purchased some long versions of these screws along with 3 2 1/2" washers from Home Depot to install more towards the front of the lip to add support to the front so it doesn't sag at all.)

In front of of the first center screw you installed more towards the front of your lip and under the bumper grill mesh, drill in one 1 5/8" self tapping screw with a 2 1/2" washer. Make sure you are not to far foward and that the screw is actually going to go into the leading edge of the bumper. (I installed 3 of these longer screws/washers - 1 in the middle and one each side under the fog lights - again all inserted towards the front/leading edge of the lip).

Now repeat on the other side jacking up the other side of the car.

It is beneficial as you insert the screws along the outside of the lip esp those 1 5/8" self tapping screws and washers that you apply firm pressure to the lip making sure it is tight up against the bumper and lined up properly. Once you drill those screws in it will hold everything in place.

Now you're ready to remove the tape cover. Pull the exposed peeled edge of the double sided tape and continueing pull it off the entire run of the tape. It will come right off. Once removed apply some pressure to help form the bond and reapply the masking tape to keep preassure on it for 15 min or so.

Don't get discouraged, if it makes you feel better I had to remove the lip and all screws once and do it all over again in order to get a snug fit -- I can't stand gaps or if it's not perfectly centered.

Good luck.

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