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Passport 9500ix install - smart cord, escort live and other questions

So as the title suggests, the passport 9500ix is what my brain tells me I should get as the radar of choice. It was a tough decision between this and the V1 and also the 9500ci - I liked the GPS feature and didn't really want to spend over a grand for the ci. Also here in PA I learned that cops laser guns aren't approved for use by PA DOT so that's how I chose the 9500ix.

I went to bestbuy to see what it would cost to hardwire this as I have an e93 so it's not the same as an e90/e92 install (no roof/no power roof tapping).
They told me to buy a "smartcord" that is passports way of selling you a hardwiring kit with some added benefits of putting some controls closer to you.
Has anyone done this (and better in an e93) - the cable is cheap -$30 or less online.

While I was trying to figure out which cable I needed online I ran into the escort live cables too. Seems like a good idea but I can't seem to find an upto date non sponsored review, the potential problems I see with it are as follows:
1- If there aren't enough users in my area, it won't be of any use
2- Paid service!!
3- I have the iphone mounted inside the middle armrest and usually stream pandora from it, looks like to use this properly - you need your phone to be a display unit as well.

-Anyone try escort live - is it worth it?
-Does the phone talk back to the detector (if a threat is noted on escort live - will the detector pick it up or only the phone? (do I NEED the phone to be outside the armrest cradle to see it? or maybe one of the other displays will do.
-Any links to a DIY install on an e93 with the hardwire cable or even the smartlive cable?