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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
Can I ask few things to gurus here?

Why don't you let MS-8 process its setting and leave it to decided what is best for you? Thats the purpose of it, isn't it?

If you leave it as it is, the drawback is, you will not be able to use morels to its max optimal potential? An I correct in saying that.

So if we go against it, favour Morels' optimal sounding over MS-8 processing and increase Morels gains as you mentioned, are we not defeating the purpose of MS-8?

If I am correct saying what I mentioned above, whichever route we take, we are in loss.

It is basically Processing (SQ) VS Sound (SPL) I guess.

The only best way around is to increase the sensitivity of central speaker or increase its peak power, but then MS-8 can only put through limited watts.
By no means am i a guru, but the optimum autotune is when everythings is level matched. The reason why i can raise my gains after is that all my front stage is amped. So if i can make sure i raise all gains by the same amount, then it doesn't mess with the autotune, apart from the rears, which are attenuated.The rears dont matter to me so i can live with that. If i got more efficient rears, such as infinity kappas, then i wouldnt need to lower the gains of the rest to match them.

If you have a unamped centre speaker which is "quieter" than the rest, then yes you will sacrifice a bit of SPL, as you will f**k up the balance if you raised the gains. But if all the front stage is amped you can have both.