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Originally Posted by mkPOTO View Post
F'ing car wash, used a razor blade to clean up my window, dropped it on my rear quater and scratched up my paint, I got them to give me a document stating they will fix and repair. From the talks with people it looks like they will have to respray a bunch of panels which I know the guy wasn't thinking was going to happen. I will post pictures
that sucks, man.

there were a bunch of spiders on my car today for some reason so i went to a diy wash and pressure washed all the openings where they could hide. yea, one of the side cameras under the mirror won't work now and throws an error.

in addition, i tried this mothers tire cleaner that i've never tried before and although i only had it on for about 30 seconds before rinsing it off, it completely fucked my tires. made them look all wore out and gray.

obviously this is all my fault but i'm fuggin pissed right now. i guess at least it's an easy fix though unlike yours.
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