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Has Apple Gotten to Big for it's Own Boots

Have been checking on few other forums and alot of people are not happy with Apple and the iPhone 5, not only will BMW cars not fully intergrate with the iPhone 5 but neither will alot of others.

It won't work with Porsche, and I know it won't work with my Ferrari, Audi as well. 95% of cars work with analog input, I would say that the car industry will not be too happy with Apple, and I am certainetly not happy.

I will stick to my 4S, and see what happens when the new 2014 X5 comes out with the new iDrive. BMW will have to act quickly as some models will have the new I drive in the next few months so I see them having some hardware changes to it ASAP or maybe a Combox change which would incorporate a digital to analog converter.

Seems to me its a slap in the face to car industry from Apple, this may force the car industry to adopt a standard and force the phone manufacturers to adopt it so all phones work.

Its about time something changed, I don't think Apple is going to see the large sales of the iphone 5.

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