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Originally Posted by Zeros and ones View Post
This works both ways. Apple may be a large company and has sold plenty of iPhones but they would have sold so many iPhones if car companies didn't start integrating them in too.

For a car company to not integrate the iPhone in the cars is a choice they can make. It is not going to brake them.
You'd be surprised that the rise of the Iphone didn't work that way.

Companies DIDN'T integrate with the Iphone. Integration was not the key to the Iphone's success.

The key to the Iphone's success was the branding, quality of Apple, with a product that was revolutionary at the time, that was superior to all other products.

Remember, only ATT had the Iphone to begin with, because it went to the highest bidder, ATT. It was years before Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint were able to pay Apple to carry the Iphone.

Same thing for the Ipod. The reason for the Ipod's success was quality, branding and innovation.

Apple does not integrate...others change FOR Apple. In fact many industry experts believe the rise of WHITE as the most popular new car color was because of the popularity of Apple products.

Another example. Did the music industry and Apple integrate? NOPE!

Apple offered a cheaper, easier and faster way of listening to, storing, sorting, previewing and purchasing music through their Itunes software. It was the music industry that adapted, not Apple.

When people buy a car, it's mostly for simple reasons: looks, cool features, cool music system, etc.

No one is going to buy a car that doesn't work with Apple. They're not going to have two devices, two music catalogs, two softwares, etc.

They want everything on one device, their Iphone, and they want their car to adapt to what they already have.

The #1 consumer device, electronic device, communication device is the Iphone. Not offering Iphone integration WILL hurt the car sales.