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Need upgraded clutch, want to keep stock flywheel, and stock "feel"

Hey, guys! So, after the FlexFuel upgrade, it revealed that I pretty much need to get a new clutch. It's not critical at this point, but I want to start researching into different options.

I want the feel to be roughly the same as stock. I like how the stock engine revs, and have no need for sportier lightweight flywheel revving. My idea is to keep the car as friendly at low speeds as it is now. The only problem, my current pussycat (as Shiv astutely put it) clutch cannot handle the torque that this car is putting out. What sort of clutches should I look at that would handle the ~400 ft lbs (mustang dyno) that the car is putting to the road, and not be a relative bear to live with?

I've heard of Spec clutches, though they seem to be mated to a lightweight flywheel, but I could be wrong.

The key is, I'm not trying to make the car overall sportier. I'm not a track driver, and my skills aren't nearly to the point of demanding fancier, racier kit. I just love those highway pulls so very much, and want to have a clutch that can simply handle the torque