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Originally Posted by Zeros and ones View Post
To even think that cars integrating the iPhone did not lead to some of its success is being blind and a... yes i am going to say it... iSheep.

actually the success for the ipod was portability... Sony had a device that did exactly what the ipod did. The only problem was that it did not store as much as the ipod did.. and that device was actually flash based.

You mean to tell me from that just one article that was featured on bimmer post... you need to get out more and look at the car industry... particularly BMW before the iPhone. BMW most popular selling color even way back in the day was Alpine white.

So more many more articles that state that the iPhone is the one that made white popular. LOL.... that is funny.

Actually this was Napster that did this first before apple did with there proprietary iTunes. This just never took off because of the bad rap Napster god for illegal sharing.

Also Kazaa back in the day had a pay feature for music even before apple made iTunes and I can name some more.

so what you are is saying that if car manufacturers would stop integrating iPhone, nobody is going to buy cars anymore?


Yea.... people do want everything on one device... this is why it works both ways and it start to gives consumers more choice.

Both have benefited from each other and both saw a good monetary gain but the iPhone is not the do all device anymore and recent surveys show that.
The other carriers did not just "jump on" to the Iphone. Apple determined the Iphone to be a single carrier only. The other phone companies were DYING to get the Iphone ASAP.

The reason Apple went with Iphone on ATT was $$$. When it was first released in 2007, there was an INSTANT demand for the Iphone. It wasn't something ATT or Apple struggled to sell. ATT payed Apple for the privilege to sell it.

For the record, I don't like, nor have I ever owned, an Iphone.

Portability??? There were dozens of mp3 players before the Ipod, all very portable. No, the success of the Ipod was branding/advertising, the click wheel, better technology.

No, it wasn't just from one article. Apple has significantly influenced product design in all industries.

Napster does not equal Itunes. Napster was one of the first pioneers in sharing files. But Itunes revolutionized the price structure, storage and distribution of music. Kazaa may have had a pay structure, but APPLE was the company that had the influence and power behind it to be able to dictate to the record companies the terms.

I am saying that if a car manufacturer did not offer an Ipod integration, many people would look at other alternatives.

What surveys show the Iphone isn't the do all device???

The Iphone (or other smart phones) is GROWING as the do all, single device.