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Originally Posted by watrob View Post
At the end of the day its cheaper for me to change Phones than to change over my new X5 M50d & my Ferrari. You miss the point, my cars are worth more to me than an Apple. Seven years back Nokia was the great phone company in the world and if I remember Apple was broke?
But for the majority of the population, integration is a primary function.

Apple was on the decline, because they lost their way in the 90's. Similar to how Microsoft has lost their way last decade...because of Apple.

At the time, there was just too much development and new technology for every company to get it 100% right, every time. Apple made some poor choices back then.

Sure, your cars are worth more to you than other people.

But you'r also not a 17 year old girl shopping for her first car, who finds out that the new Ford Fusion that she thought was "cute" does not connect with her Ipod...but the new VW Passat does!!!!!! Guess which way she'd leaning now?