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Originally Posted by stupordave View Post
Many folks run them with no issues and look great...but for me, I couldn't handle the thought of a spacer between my wheel and hub. I installed 15mm rear and 12mm front on my 335is and swear the rears were rubbing a bit. Never heard anything but noticed a small groove on the edge of the tire after a few days of driving. Simple statics calcs will tell you the farther out the rims are, the more moment you'll get. Plus you have 2 shear planes to deal with. I'm sure they were well within the tolerances, but I couldn't shake the thought so I removed them and ordered new wheels. As far as brand, the BMS spacers were great and came with extended bolts to maintain the proper thread engagement.
You are right. You probably were rubbing. The LCI's have much less clearance. The OP and I have pre LCI cars.